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Many times family members are unaware of an estate's value. Simple things like kitchen bowls or costume jewelry are examples of things that can be quite valuable and collectible. Most estates do not have lots of silver flatware, crystal, diamonds and mink coats (which can be difficult to sell right now!) but the more modest homes often have such an abundance of objects that a sale can be extremely profitable.

Invite a professional to discuss your options before trying to sell these things yourself. Any ethical company will tell you whether or not that you could benefit from the service that they offer. We are happy to offer this service and would love to schedule your consultation today. Just give us a call for an appointment.

The other part of conducting estate sales is the part no one likes to be faced with and that is disposing of things that belonged to loved ones. Maintaining our objectivity while respecting the feelings of family is something we are always conscious of and working on constantly. A sale is usually one of the steps in the grieving process and we understand that. We are people first and a business second. Clients will always find a sympathetic ear and a shoulder to lean on when utilizing our service.

Clients are never out any upfront money when we conduct an estate sale for them. We do not charge for consultations and I would like to urge EVERYONE to at least talk with a qualified liquidator before trying to handle an estate sale on their own.

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